The Business of Giving

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We're not just a giving business.
We're in the business of giving.

That might seem like a bold statement, but we've never backed away from being bold. For us, business and giving go hand-in-hand. Always have. In that sense, our name says it all. In fact, our first product, the Design-A-Bag kit, was specifically created for kids battling cancer.

Through our relationship with Pediatric Cancer Foundation, we have the privilege of seeing the good our charitable giving can do. We see the research and equipment it funds, and we see the smiles of hope on the faces of kids who are getting the care they desperately need.

Join us. Help us help those in need. Check out our site. Each of our products is colorful, fun and imaginative, and each one purchased helps bring us closer to a cure.

We believe giving should be everybody's business.